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Is the secret to happiness financial freedom? Hear me out here. I mean we have all read and heard from super rich people that money does not make you happy. I get that! I mean having all the money in the world does not buy you love, friends, or family. I know that if I had a yacht or a bigger house, I would probably be a little happier for only a summer or two! 🙂

We all know that the things people want more in life have little or nothing to do with money. The choices and activities we make in life seem to cause a greater sense of happiness. Ultimately, we have the power to make our own decisions and choose how we want to live life. These decisions can and will make you happy if you just do what it is that you want most in life.

Having said all that, financial literacy and freedom can give you the time to enjoy many of the wonderful pleasures in life. Imagine not having to spend 10+ hours of your day working or at a job trying to produce income to keep you afloat. That would really free up your time and allow you to be happy by doing and partaking in all these great traits that make people happy.

So, set your goals and achieve them with our help and with SumIt!


About Lida

Lida is a Coach and Product Manager with 7+ years of freelancing experience. Lida has over a dozen years of experience in digital marketing, program management, and strategic planning. She has successfully helped people break into, and thrive, in the tech industry. Folks she has coached have worked with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Gartner, Google, Internet Brands, Loot Crate, and Silicon Valley Bank to name some.

Initiatives and teams that Lida has led include: launching a national incubator, consulting startups that have raised over US $500 million, and winning international competitions, such as the Google Startup Battle award out of 1000+ teams and national awards such as JustChange.

My main client canceled a one year contract at the start of COVID, so I lost that income overnight.

But my resilience muscles kicked in...

Lemons to lemonade and communities

Beta / pilot test where I got lots of feedback

I ran a pilot test where I got lots of user feedback in return for my initial course content. In case you’re wondering, one was for landing page (optimization) and the other was about leveraging LinkedIn. The latter was by far my fave, so I decided to create an online course from it! 

Launch of my 1st online course

(After even more feedback)

It has happened several times that I've woken up to see more $ in my account i.e. I made some money in my sleep. That's a great and freeing feeling, especially in this climate, where everything is so ambiguous. It took me a couple of months from course ideation to get to this point of launching my 1st online course. I'm already brewing more ideas for my next online course. Looking forward to doing it seamlessly!


Coaching FAQ

What is Financial Literacy Boot Camp Coaching?
Fitness Coaching? Nope. It's a session to discuss your freelancing goals, dive into your vitals on SumIt, get tips, and plot next actions towards your goals.

Who is it for?
It is actually the perfect environment for people leveraging SumIt, the tool that will help transform your business-of-one.

30 minute one-on-one session via Zoom!

What are people saying about Lida's coaching?

"She brings a powerful realm of empathy and curiosity to her sessions to really get and understand the world of who she's with. With me, she was able to uncover…insights I had taken for granted, and she helped me discover how I could leverage them. The questions she asked helped to highlight my goals and formulate the concrete actions within my power to move me closer to fulfilling my goals. I left the meeting feeling empowered and knowing exactly what I needed to do to move forward."

-Amir Sattari

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